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Rochdale CC Sponsored Bike Ride 27.06.20


Walsden away - weather could be an issue - 10am town hall the boys were arriving in full force - 
David Sigsworth,  Lee Bromfield , Matt Calland , Ian Gilbertson,  Jeanette Birch,
Gavin Reynolds, Mark Reynolds, Callum , Linda 'Dewhurst' Marriott , Lewis Sheridan, Matt Denham, Ian Denham, Darryl Cryer, Nicholas Hargreaves, Jack Duffy , Adam Saville, Brad Gartland, Stuart Hanson, Matt Dawson.


Some of the finest sportsman around were here for the challenge.



Canal bound we went as Big Ben struck 10 - as we arrived at Wellfield the local oil cans were getting stuck into their special brew - a few hundred yards later near Riggs some people had a fire lit - very strange be careful everyone.


The cycle time trials were on with Matt, Rennie and the Hornets lads leading the way.


Walsden was upon us it was smashed with ease 45-55mins it took the group.


Hold on where was Cryer - the search party was out - the call came through he was alive - a few near misses on the canal - a chain repair and Crysieeeeee was at Walsden - the ground erupted our birthday boy and former skipper was here.


The Walsden lads were out working as usual - the Heineken was passed around and laughter was heard.


Matt Dawson. Too the photo but there was no championship flag in the back ground - it had gone to Burnley this year.


A quick chat with Chris Barker, Fossie and Shack and it was time to go.


We were left with Cryer for the return journey - the bike was blamed for his ride and didn’t we hear about it - 


A quick stop at PDS Performance in Littleborough who specialise in doors and security to see Hollywood star Ben Ryan Davies 


Cryer had his fag and we were off - Then the rain we had heard may come - unbelievable rain but it was funny - Jack Duffy did a nice thing for an old lady in a car who wouldn’t come out due to the storm - unfortunately for Jack the post box was across the road - Jack was soaking but was the hero.


We saw Kieran Stansfield next - the lad missed today due to being a bit off colour - c u soon.
The Town Hall was in sight and Rochdale was a ghost town - roll on next week I thought.
200 miles completed over 7 weeks - I was buzzing 


Next stop Burnley away 4th July - our final ride, pre the Norden walk on the 11th July


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