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Rochdale CC Sponsored Bike Ride 06.05.20



Thanks this week go to Richard Kershaw who took up the challendge to help us out - we really appreciate it! 



Richards Summary - 06.05.20


On Saturday we were sat in the garden chilling in the sunshine when my niece tagged me in a Facebook post asking for a rider to help kick start a charity appeal for Rochdale Cricket Club.   A few messages later and I was signed up! 


Now during this lockdown we've had some glorious weather, 24 degrees when I agreed to it so when I woke up on the day of the ride to chilly temperatures and high wind I was a bit deflated however a promise is a promise so I got on the bike around 2.30 to do my bit. 


Those who ride bikes will know that wind is your worst enemy and as I was riding over Owd Betts I certainly could confirm it, and it didn't stop...


Anyway, 30km or so later I reached my target, Enfield Cricket Club.  Pictures taken, flapjack eaten and then back on my way home.


2.5 hours out of my day very well spent to help out a local club, and if I'm needed for another then I'm happy to help.


please donate here