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India v England 4 Test Series Fantasy League - Entries

Norden Swingers - Lee Percy

Gilly’s Googlies - Gilly 

Ridders Runs - Neil Rideough 

Team Tiger - Alison Woods

Gilly’s Goons - Tom Gilly 

Schoie’s Sphincters - Schoie 

Paula’s Fine Leg - Matt Drysdale 

Rooooot - Chicken

Gauges Googlies - Simon Gauge

Best Of The Best - Joe Gauge 

Sean’s Masked Marvels - Sean McQuillan

Sam’s All Stars - Sam Hicks

Oliver’s Big 5 - Oliver Hicks

Harry’s Famous 5 - Harry Whittles 

Kiss My Chimanda Vaas - Lee Bromfield

Sharmalamadingdong - Sam Butt

Ayaanali Assassins - Ayaanali 

Spin It To Win It - Anaya Zara 

Danny’s Doosras - Daanish Kanji 

Umpah, Umpah, Stick It Up Your Bumrah - John Usher.

Robins Raiders - Robin 

The Bears - Ryan Mayes

Duff’s Dynamos - Kevin Duffy 

Podgy’s Shrinking - Andy Rodgerson.

Loraine’s Legends - Loraine 

No More Moor - Joe Horrocks.

Jimmy’s Giants - James Bluer 

Kian’s Kricketers - Kian 

Tanks Tornadoes - Tank 

What’s For Tea - Dean Kirby 

Ravi - Ash - Winners - Andy Harrison 

I’m Better Than Sibley - Harry Butt 

Mambo No 5 - Deb Abraham 

Yorkshireman - Michael Fell 

Ashton CC - Stan 

Coles Crusaders - Colesy 

Greenbooth CC - John Murphy 

Normans Nightwatchmen - Sam Lord 

Uzair’s Top Spinners - Uzair

Roaches Fast Hands - Jammy 

Archie’s Angels - Archie 

Shut Down Gilly’s WiFi - Jacko 

Butt, Butt, Ding, Ding £2.99 - Bullhead 

Simco Smashers - Simon Entwhistle

Rennie’s Rippers - Mark Reynolds 

Brian’s Mucky Paws - Jack Duffy 

Chaplins Chuffers - John Chaplin 

Hit And Run - Jacob Pauline

I Will Bloody Googlie You – Andreww Ross

Klipperty Klop = Sav

Has Roger Not Retired Yet - twed