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30.05.2020 Sponsored Bike Ride



Sat 30th May 2020 - Lowerhouse away


Am I mad I thought?  Yep. I was.

We decided to start at 9am - it was going to be a hot one


A few debutants Hollywood star Ben Ryan Davies and 2nd team captain Andrew Harrison, plus Adam Saville, Jack Duffy, Ruby Mann, myself, Dave Sigsworth - we decided to go through Healey Dell and what a treat - we met Ian Denham and 2nd team opening batter Matthew Denham - these two were the pros and took over.


We met our first fan Mayfield legend Matty Moore’s- as we left Healey dell we met former Castleton moor and Crompton player Mathew Kilburn.
It was onto Bacup where we enjoyed the downhill ride into the lovely Market town of Bacup’
Spirits were high but they were about to disappear very fast - the hill up to Weir was unbelievable- a few of us had to get off and push - David Sigsworth and the Denham brothers murdered it.


As we arrived at the top we had fantastic views of Burnley and beyond.
We knew it was downhill to Lowerhouse and we were buzzing.


We arrived at Lowerhouse - the ground looked glorious - we were all a bit worried about the return leg - Corporal Denham and Lieutenant Sigsworth took over and said we are going back through Todmorden - we knew it would be tough but we knew we didn’t have to go over to Bacup.

The road over to Todmorden was glorious passing through Portsmouth and Lydgate before arriving at last weeks’ destination Todmorden CC.


Ruby had her chips and the lads had sausage bagels and steak butties.

We split at this stage with Lieutenant Sigsworth desperate for his 3pm pint.


As I set off into Todmorden I bumped into my old sparring partner Pete Sharp - he looked cool in his shades but he’d forgot to take the pillow out from under his t shirt - I threatened him and £5 was taken from him - we hugged and left.


I could tell Young Siggy was desperate for a pint and he was off with me in tow.
We passed Walsden, Littleborough, and we headed into town - 
We were nearly back we passed Marks & Spencer’s and we were back at Rochdale town hall at 2.55pm - The King Of Rochdale Jimmy Mush was there to greet me - it wasn’t the usual pint of lager we had together but it was a lovely chicken wrap from the empire - thanks Jimmy.’
42.8 miles and I was done for.



Thanks to everyone who took part, and please give generously