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17.05.2020 Sponsored Bike Ride


On a lovely Sunday morning we set off from home around 10am - Kate Gilly ducked at the last minute due to the bike being too big for her.  Sian decided to run even with her injured back - I set off with the novice Tom Gilly - oh man what an early performance. 3 crashes before Sudden.  We arrived late at 10.33am - Jack Duffy, Adam Saville and Ruby Mann were waiting for us. 


Our chairman Mark Reynolds was there to wave us off - our first stop was the glorious Rochdale Town Hall where MCFC branch leader David Sigsworrh joined us - heading upto the train station and heading down Oldham Road turning left at Broad Lane - Daz Cryer who was on the missing list was there with tea and biscuits for us - Tony Grattons dad looked at us and shouted he’s onto a bird in Thailand.

The next leg up broad lane was a killer - we were met by Pete Duffy, my sister, Archie and Pippa Duffy.

As we reach “D H Lees” the finest butchers in Crompton - Mr Ian Denham arrived were it nearly went wrong when filming live.


Next stop was Kab Ahmed’s - this lads not an early starter so we just raided his shop for goods and moved onto Crompton cricket ground.


Sian had arrived before us and the streets were lined with St. George’s flags were Tom Gilly won the yellow jersey on the final sprint.


We decided to take a different route back over the tops with beautiful views of Oldham and Manchester - we dropped down back into Rochdale via the delightful Milkstone Road passing our favourite sponsors Recruitment Solutions North West - the lads decided to use the stocks at the local church whilst they waited for me.


We moved onto the town centre - the superb Flying Horse and the fantastic music venue The Empire looked glorious in the afternoon sunshine - our favourite night club Kokos looked fantastic - oh how we wished they were open for us.


We had another photo shot of the town hall were I met my old friend CJ with his new jaguar. We passed the corona testing centre and finally arrived home to Rochdale Cricket Club.

Ruby then fell off her bike and the journey was complete.

18.5km plus 3-4kms from my house.

Settee and bath time - next week Todmorden.


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