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13.06.20 Sponsored Bike Ride

Clitheroe away - oh crikey we thought - we set off at 8am - 10 cyclists - Pete Duffy, 
Matt Calland , Callum Marriott , Jack Duffy, Mark Reynolds, Gavin Reynolds, Ben Ryan Davies, Ian Denham , David Sigsworth, Ian Gilbertson 


Adam Saville was there to meet us after his 3 hour journey pre 8am - excellent work.


Callum was his usual 10 minutes late so Matt fined him - Callum get a grip was overheard.


On to Norden village and up the dreaded climb to Owd Betts - oh man that was tough - 
Over to Haslingden and dropping past Holland’s pies and onto cycle 6 route.


We then went through Great Harwood and around Whalley - with a final stretch on the dual carriageway to Clitheroe.


We had done it - a spoonful of peanut butter and I was back in the Hornets team for Coventry away next week.

The train was beckoning - a growler from the pie shop and a can of coots light.


The guard said no leisure travel - essential travel only - I replied I’m knackered pal it’s essential I get home - Matt then followed up with we are working we are on a charity bike ride - we were on the heavily taped train.


Rochdale bound.


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