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07.06.20 Sponsored Bike Ride



Haslingden away – on a rainy Sunday morning we set off from my house to the town hall to meet the troops – as we arrived a message from Ian Musgrave – we had arrived at Haslingden was the message.  Ian Mush, Darren Clancy, Dave Tully had run to Haslingden for the cause –great effort from the lads.

Sian Gilly and Jayne Musgrave also ran the first leg over Owd Betts – thank you also.

It was now our turn – our main sponsor Karen Reynolds had brought the coffee to wave us off–Mark Reynolds had to put his chain back on his bike–the town hall struck 10.30 and we were away – Gavin Reynolds, Mark Reynolds, Adam Saville, Jack Duffy, Tom Gilly, Pete Duffy, Wayne Corcoran, Ian Denham, David Sigsworth and myself.


The route was similar to last week passing through Healey Dell, Whitworth, then turning left towards Rawtenstall – as we headed down our first hill – my boy Tom Gilly had a quite serious crash and ended up going to the hospital – let’s hope he is ok.

As we lay waiting in the middle of nowhere Joe Graziano and Charlotte Tully drove past and whisked Tom back to his aunties who took him to the hospital, this unsettled me and I had a lonely ride to Haslingden to catch up with the others.

After a short rest we headed back over Owd Betts–it was a tough one but we managed to get to the Owd Betts pub without any other scares.


16 of us today running or cycling–superb effort from everyone concerned–Rochdale U11s captain Tom Gilly’s injury certainly took the gloss of what was a good outing.