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Chairman's Message 23.05.2020

23 May 2020

Hello everyone


I thought it was time to update all our supporters, sponsors, and players of how things are doing at Redbrook during the lockdown.



Before I do however, I would like to say how saddened we all were earlier in the week to hear of the passing of Freddie Schofield.  Freddie was a supporter of the club long before most of us were born, his affinity dating back to the 1940s, and he was one of the few who stuck with the club after our fortunes declined in the 1960s and 70s.  I would like to pass all our condolences to Freddie’s family.



Despite no cricket, we have not been idle.  The ground is in mint condition thanks to Gary H. and a number of volunteers who have been maintaining it since the lockdown started.  If, and when, we are given the green light to start the season we are ready to go.

Gilly’s insatiable desire to raise money shows no sign of abating.   The Hundred Club is continuously being rebranded to reflect the growing membership – now standing just shy of 175 and he has somehow cajoled people into raising money by cycling to away grounds on the days we should have been playing there.

Our financial situation has also been stabilised by the tremendous generosity of our main sponsors. Both Recruitment Solutions and Alan and Pat have honoured their pledge of sponsorship for this year.  Recruitment Solutions have even agreed to remain our main sponsor in 2021.  Many of our advertisers have also shown their continuing support, all of which relieves the pressure of financial worries.


Obviously the main club remains closed, but due to business rate rebates and grants we are hopeful that we can pull through this crisis without too much damage.  The latest rumours circulating are that pubs and clubs with outdoor facilities will be allowed to open in July.  I hope that if come then, we are selling beer again, you will come down and socialise at Redbrook.  As they say, use it or lose it.
Will the season start?  Who can say at the moment.  The league had prepared to begin on 4th July, but if we are honest, that may not happen, but if it is possible to get some cricket on at Redbrook this year you can rest assured that we will do it.


In the meantime I hope you all keep safe and hope to see you at Redbrook before long.